FAQs - Circle G Tractors

Here are some answers to common questions when troubleshooting your tractor.

Question: My three point will not stay up; it drifts down with an attachment on it.

Answer: There is probably a torn O-ring on the piston inside the hydraulic housing. It is letting fluid bypass and not holding. Fairly easy fix; you need a rebuild kit.

Question: My tractor's power steering does not turn the wheels properly. I have to turn the steering wheel several revolutions before wheels turn.

Answer: The seals inside the power steering cylinder are torn, letting fluid bypass. The fix is to get a rebuild kit or a new cylinder.

Question: When I turn on the ignition switch key, none of the gauges work and the tractor will not turn over.

Answer: Locate the 30-amp fuse in fuse box under the hood, check all connections.

Question: When I turn the ignition key, the gauges work, but the tractor starter does not engage.

Answer: Try crossing the hot post on the starter solenoid with the little post. If it starts that way, you need a new solenoid.

Question: My battery is not charging.

Answer: It's likely that your voltage regulator is bad or not plugged in properly. Raise the hood and look for a silver box with plugs on the back. Make sure it is plugged in all the way. If that doesn't work, then replace it. Also check the alternator belt.

Question: Engine runs hot after a little use.

Answer: We see this a lot in the 25hp and 28hp models. Most of the time, it is a clogged radiator. Clean radiator front to back. Also check to see if there is water in the oil or blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. If it is, it could be a blown head gasket. Check alternator belt for tightness, check thermostat. But usually this issue is fixed by replacing the radiator with a new one.

Question: My tractor is hard to start in cold weather.

Answer: Glow plugs not working properly. Check and replace if bad.

Question: My PTO grinds and is hard to get in.

Answer: You need to adjust the PTO disc. This is done through the bellhousing inspection cover; you have to remove one of the loader brackets on bellhousing.

Question: PTO lever moves freely, not engaging PTO.

Answer: Most likely, the little paddle inside the housing is broken on the end of lever shaft.

Question: My tractor only moves a little when it's in gear and the clutch is out.

Answer: Sounds like your clutch is burned up and needs to be replaced.

Question: When I'm using the tractor, all of a sudden the engine runs away and is hard to stop.

Answer: Your fuel injection pump has gone out and needs to be replaced.

Question: My three point, powersteering, and loader have stopped working.

Answer: Your hydraulic pump has gone out or has rounded off liquid pump shaft. Remove pump and look inside housing to see if the pump shaft is rounded off or if pump shaft is broken off. Sometimes the pump housing will crack due to a hydraulic deadlock. Most of the time, this is caused by bad quick coupling or if one has come disconnected during use.

Question: What is a Jinma PTO Wood Chipper?

Answer: The Jinma PTO Wood Chipper is a chipper designed to be mounted on a tractor's three point lift. Simply place your material into the feed hopper, then the feed roll pulls the material through and chips it away. The Jinma Wood Chipper has a maximum chipping capacity of 8" and offers all kinds of other blades, chutes, and more. The chipper draws power from the tractor engine, so no need for any other power sources!

Question: Where and how would I use my Jinma Wood Chipper?